Welcome to Black Sun Audio, a mixing, mastering and recording studio run by Quentin Høegh Nicollet, and based in Aarhus, Denmark. 

I have been producing music for over 15 years, playing music for 30. Metal is my main thing, but I also love working on rock, folk, ambient, jazz, classical music, movie soundtracks, video speak, and more.

The playlist on this page showcases some songs that I have mixed - and in most cases also mastered and took care of recording drums, guitars, etc.

Check out my prices and references, and if you would like to work with me on your next release, hit me up via the contact form!

Under a black sun,


When mixing, my aim is to make your recording sound the best possible, to make every element of your orchestration fit well together so that the final sound serves your music and make it shine. To achieve that, I stay in close dialogue with you throughout the whole project.

I make sure to understand your sound and expectations, I listen to your feedback, and send you mix revisions, so that in the end we both end being proud of the final mix!


With mastering, I make sure your music plays at optimal loudness and sound quality on any type of device, from phone speakers to Airpods or large venues' sound systems.

I master for vinyl, streaming, cassette tape, CD, video, and audio books.

The files you get from me are compliant with the technical specifications of the media you want to target (vinyl, streaming, CD, etc.).


Recording is possible at my studio in Aarhus (Denmark) for smaller setups (vocals, guitar, bass, saxophone, etc.), or at the Mono studio in Aabyhøj, just outside of Aarhus, for larger setups like a live band, drums, or a choir.

I also have a mobile setup which enables me to come to your rehearsal space, home or studio and record any instrument, from a full drum kit to lead vocals with excellent results!